What am I getting myself into?

I’ve been wanting to be a regular blogger for a while now. I’m not sure what’s been holding me up. Well, there are a lot of things, like time and such. Anyway, I stalk enough blogs now that I figure if I’m interested in these strangers lives, someone might be interested in mine. The fact is, I need an outlet. I spend my days keeping 3 kids out of trouble and have a severe lack of adult conversation. I go to bed sometimes and realize I haven’t had a single worthwhile thought in my head all day. It’s just been about surviving. However, I’m starting to see that I need worthwhile thoughts to survive the life I lead of a stay-at-home mom, in a tiny apartment, married to a pastor, with a tendency to lose myself in books pointless fiction novels with the same plots in my free time rather than sitting around having deep conversations that get my brain juices flowing. But, I know my weaknesses. I know what I am capable or incapable of.

I sat last night and poured out my feelings to my sympathetic husband. He said, “You need to write. Start a blog.” Now, I’m not known for my fancy writing skills and have never had aspirations to be a writer. I quickly whined replied, “I don’t have anything to write about.” Too which he said, “Yeah, you do. Write about books you read, our kids, the Bible, our life, anything.” That inspired me. He always knows how to do that. I’m not an expert at anything. I don’t have a creative bone in my body (hence the uninspired blog design for now). However, I tend to have opinions. A lot of them. It must be the first-born in me. So, on this here blog, I will review things. I have a plan for each week day which will help me be consistent. Even if no one but my mom (Hi!) ever reads this, it will be a chance for me to keep my sanity by thinking about something besides what our next meal is going to be. Through the course of reviewing different things, bits and pieces of our life will show up. I don’t like looking at blogs that don’t have pictures, so I will do my best with my point and shoot digital to include photos of what we are up to. What do you think? Huh, huh, huh? I’m kind of getting excited. In the future I plan to review books, toys, recipes, websites, products, clothes, church stuff, our life, and anything else that I darn well please!

I really hope that this is helpful and fun to read and ultimately that it helps me keep my sanity!

Here’s a picture of 2/3 of my kids for your enjoyment! The other third hates having his picture taken. He’s kind of like Wilson on Home Improvement. Even we don’t know what he really looks like!

Our favorite toy!


About rebeccamcdonald

I am an almost (gasp) 30 year old wife of my one true love, mom to 3 (gasp again) kids, all accumulated in 1 very short and at the same time very long year via adoption through foster care and a surprise pregnancy. I love God (a lot), tend to use too much punctuation, love reading, babies, shopping, cleaning, being organized but not getting organized, dreaming about being a good decorator, and reading about other people's lives through their blogs and facebook statuses, and my husband. I'd drop anything in that list of loves to spend time with him, except a baby. A baby I would gently set/sit down on the floor and then I would run off to spend time with my love.
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2 Responses to What am I getting myself into?

  1. As I read this back to myself I realize I need to work on the whole run-on sentence thing. Know that I’m aware. I’ll try to do better. Oh, and I’ll also try to stop ending sentences in prepositions. Oh boy. I’ve set the bar really high!

    • Becky McDonald says:

      You’re an excellent writer Becca. You have a nack and you pull the reader in. You have humor (I especially like the crossed out words). I’m glad you are blogging. You are good at it. Go Girl! I’m rootin’ for you. Would you get in trouble if your picture blog was three little naked behinds in a row? That would be so cute. BROWN, WHITE, BROWN (from behind of course).

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