My husband is the fun one in our relationship. He’s spent the last 7 years planning for, preaching to, hanging out with, and loving teenagers. Before that he was a teenager. If it were up to me, we’d stay home eating ice cream and watching reality tv all the time. However, he has brought out the social butterfly in me, so that now I’m always begging to have people over or go somewhere. Part of that’s because if I don’t get out of this dag-blamed house, I might go a little crazy. Part of it’s because he’s taught me how to let loose and have a little fun. I love that man! Let me tell you a little bit about one way Matt is lots of fun.

In the last several years, we’ve gone on a journey at his insistence. A very costly journey. A journey that has brought hours of fun into our lives. A journey of games. These aren’t just any games. We were introduced to some games that you can’t run to Target and buy. Oh no. You have to go to specialty stores in the farthest away malls or order them online. Come along on this journey with me for just a moment.

The first game we bought that fits into this category was Settlers of Catan. The rules, the cost, the tiny wooden pieces, and the hours of fun commenced.

Looks like fun, huh? That’s me concentrating on how to dominate all of those boys at the table. The best way to describe it is that it’s kind of a cross between Monopoly and Risk. It takes about 45 minutes to explain the rules and over an hour to play one game. It’s awesome! Here’s the unfortunate thing. The regular set only allows 4 people to play. But there is an expansion set that you can buy that allows 2 more people to play. I bet we’ve taught 100 people to play this game. Seriously. Then, after you’ve spent all of that money, you learn that there’s a game that can be played using all of the same pieces and rules with some additional pieces and rules. It’s called Cities and Knights. This is the one that I love. Regular Settler’s (that’s what we experts call it) is just boring after playing the expanded version. I’m pretty good at both if I must say so myself. My husband and one true love wins more often because he is more ruthless (read: evil) than me. Oh, there’s also another version called Seafarer’s. I hate this version and won’t ever let us play it.

Quick thought: We played all of these games I am sharing with you all of the time before kids. Now, not so much.

Another quick thought: The whole purpose of this post is to tell you about our most recent favorite game. I’m trying to get to that part. I just want you to have all of the background information. Because I’m just that nice. You’re welcome.

So the next game we found is called Carcassonne. It’s also tile-based, but much simpler to explain and play. It can take as little as 30 minutes to complete a game. This was kind of a bump in the road on our journey to bigger and better games. It’s fun, just not as fun as some others. Between Settler’s and this game, we enjoyed many fun game nights. No more Taboo, Spades, Scattergories, or Guesstures. But then we became parents. All fun came to a screeching halt. Two little boys began to fill our nights and weekends. Fast-forward through one year, one surprise pregnancy, and one little girl being born, and we come to our next game.

Puerto Rico. My sweet baby girl was 2 weeks old. It was Christmas. All of my in-law’s were in town to celebrate and meet Lucy. They brought us this new game. It too provided hours of entertainment after kids were in bed. More tiny cardboard and wooden pieces, more rules, and more strategy. Oh, and more temper tantrums when I won more games sitting at the table nursing a baby than anyone else. I always tell the competitive people that I play with that I win because I don’t care. It’s true.

I don’t have a picture of us playing Puerto Rico, but here’s a picture of Uncle Nate sleeping after playing until 3 in the morning. No joke. I went to bed on those nights. I did have a newborn after all. Sleep was important.

So, we’ve finally arrived at the main point of this saga. Our latest game love. It’s a little game called Ticket to Ride. In this game I am able to dominate the world. Literally. There are several different versions. Between our families, we have the USA, Europe, and Germany versions. And no one can beat me. This game is perfect for how my brain works. You build trains all over the country or continent that is mapped on the board. The person with the most points at the end wins. I always have the most points. My husband is trying to talk me into a league where the winners win money. I think he wants me to start earning my keep. One night a few weeks ago, I was going about my bedtime routine. As I was sitting in bed drinking my last drink of water and applying my last coat of chapstick, I turned out my lamp and rolled over. Unnoticed by me, Matt had been setting up the board the entire time IN OUR BED. How did I not notice this? This was back when he thought he could beat me. But that’s how much we love this game! It takes about 10-15 minutes to explain and 40-60 minutes to play. Only 5 people can play at a time. I highly recommend either going out and buying it right this instant or calling us and asking if you can come over and play. We won’t make you play in our bed. I’ll try to go easy on you.


Off to dominate the mounds of laundry,



About rebeccamcdonald

I am an almost (gasp) 30 year old wife of my one true love, mom to 3 (gasp again) kids, all accumulated in 1 very short and at the same time very long year via adoption through foster care and a surprise pregnancy. I love God (a lot), tend to use too much punctuation, love reading, babies, shopping, cleaning, being organized but not getting organized, dreaming about being a good decorator, and reading about other people's lives through their blogs and facebook statuses, and my husband. I'd drop anything in that list of loves to spend time with him, except a baby. A baby I would gently set/sit down on the floor and then I would run off to spend time with my love.
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6 Responses to Games

  1. Vicki says:

    I have played each of those games except Ticket to Ride. I will have to swing by Game Nite and get it. Sounds like lots of fun and my students might like it, too!

  2. Becky McDonald says:

    you have a wonderful sense of humor….beat those boys girlfriend….after all brothers, raising 3 boys and only one girl (p.s. she is really good at these games…why did it miss me? she got it from her brothers)…us girls married to mcdonalds (even if I spawned this generation of them) have to stick together…that’s why I don’t play those games…the dag’gon boys beat me every time…you are my hero…keep beating them into humility. Finally a girl that beats the boys in this family at games while nursing no less.

  3. Jenn says:

    Fun post!

    How did we go this whole time without playing Settlers? We LOVE that game and have a hard time finding people who have ever heard of it!

  4. Cara says:

    Oh my! How I love playing games with you and Matt…. and you did afterall introduce us to Settlers (we’ve played it all across the country now teaching everyone in our path). I literally laughed out loud because we had a friend here introduce us to Ticket to Ride last year and all I could think about was how much fun it would be to play with you guys! Soon, we’ll play together soon. ❤

  5. Becky McDonald says:

    I’m starving for more blogs from Rebecca. I keep checking to see if there are any new ones.

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